Exponential Entertainment creates compelling consumer engagements that help media companies monetize and promote their new content in new and unique ways. EE has created promotional engagements that are playable over the Web, Mobile and Set-Top Boxes for HBO, STARZ, Comcast, Cox Communications, ABC, Fox, Sony, EPIX, Hallmark and Discovery to name just a few.


Game of Thrones – EE created a media game arcade to promote the final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones. Players could catch up on all of their favorite characters through an immersive Character Guide. In addition, players were presented with a new trivia game each week of the final season, where they could choose which of the GoT houses they wanted their trivia points to go to.
The program was successful at generating competition and driving users to Order HBO.


Hallmark Channel – EE has created a holiday program for the Hallmark Channel to promote the viewing of their Christmas movies for both Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Now. The arcades were presented in an advent-style format where new games were unlocked each day leading up to Christmas. Game content featured video and still images promoting Hallmark Holiday films with direct links to watch the films.


Discovery – EE has developed a number of promotional games for Discovery including immersive engagements for Shark Week and the Food Network. Each day of Shark Week, players could unlock new content that was both entertaining and educational, capped off by a Save The Seal game where players helped navigate around deadly sharks to save their seal!


Promoting Live Events – EE also creates games to promote live events such as the Oscars, Golden Globes and the Billboard Music Awards. Players can vote on who they think the winners will be in each of the voting categories and then check out live leaderboards to see how their picks compared to all of the other players.


Outlander – EE has several games for STARZ including game arcades for the last 2 seasons of Outlander. Players could pick their favorite costumes from the show in a bracket style face off, eventually seeing how their votes stacked up against the entire community. Other engagements included “Sage Fortunes” and “Spot The Difference” between images from the show.


LEGO Masters – EE created weekly content for Fox to test players on their memory of happenings from the previous show’s episodes. Players were also presented with direct deep links to go watch the previous episodes if they needed some help in jogging their memory.