Enter the world of HollywoodPlayer, where movie fun lives forever!
PLAY movie games, puzzles and trivia challenges featuring real movie scenes from thousands of Hollywood’s
biggest movies, iconic classics and today’s blockbusters.
DISCOVER new movies and relive your all-time favorite scenes as you unlock a huge collection of movie moments.
WIN movie tickets, prizes and virtual silver screen collectibles as you earn coins, play games and show off your movie knowledge.
Here’s a sneak peak at just some of the fun in HollywoodPlayer:
• Daily Bonus Reel, spin to watch classic clips and earn coins
• Empire State Building, climb to the top with movie trivia challenges
• Double Exposure, find the missing items in classic movie scenes
• Jigscene, fit the puzzle pieces together in a game against time
• Movie Match Up Mania, match pairs of movie images as fast as you can
• Starlite Drive-In, stop by to watch clips and trailers and earn a few extra coins And, coming soon…
• Screening Room
• Billboard
• Newsstand Bizz Buzz

Create your own unique game experience filling your world with iconic movie items. Discover new adventures, games and activities, with even more movies and stars, as you unlock ports including:
• The Bates Motel
• Doc’s Delorean
• Hill Valley Clock Tower
• E.T. Shed
• Slimer
• Stay Puff Marshmallow Man
• Zombieland
• American Pie
• Jurassic Park
• Hoggett Farm
• Amity Island
• Cape Fear Houseboat
• Tony Montana’s Mansion
• Evan’s Almighty Ark
• Mamma Mia Boat
• The Delta House
• Sleepless in Seattle Houseboat
And, you can share your favorite movie moments and custom movie world with friends. Come play, discover, and win with HollywoodPlayer.